Featured snippets are a special way to show search result right away on top of Google search results without clicking any web pages. You might see this many times and it looks like this:

what is Google featured snippet

The primary goal is to provide quick information to the user. Featured Snippert is not a new feature. Google was working on this long ago. But they improved the way of displaying the snippet.

Why are featured snippets important

Whenever you search on Google and find a quick answer to the question what will you do? You click on the page to read more about the interesting and relevant answer, right? Yeah, that’s how Featured snippets can increase Click through rate.

The interesting thing is, it is just like raking for a keyword at 0th position! Yes, you can beat the page which is #1 rank. The page which is showing on featured snippet can be any of the first-page results. Means you need not be #1 position to show up on the featured snippet.

It is a way that steals organic traffic. Because if the user found great information at the top position, they will not scroll down to see other search results.

featured snippets ctr

According to Ahrefs study(on 2017), 12.29% of queries have featured snippets in the search results. It is increased now, so it is a big opportunity.

Types of Google Featured Snippets

Paragraph snippet

Paragraph snippet is one of the most common types of featured snippet. It includes a brief description, an image(If there is any), and a link.

Featured paragraph snippet


List snippet(Numbered and Bullet listed)

If you search for step by step queries, you might find this kind of snippets. It will be listed as ordered and unordered list. This is extracted from the page even if there is no list specified. Google will fetch the information fro heading as well.

List snippet is now also including company/website profile link with images in the listing.

Table snippet

Similar to List snippet, but it will have a different column with info. Table snippet is also fetching data from the page which have a different format.

YouTube snippet

Another common type of snippet which is only for youtube videos and not for websites. The snippet may or may not have a description.

YouTube snippet

How to Optimize content for Google Featured Snippets

Basically, the snippets display top ranking pages for the query. If you rank at the top 10 results there is a chance that you can acquire the 0th position(Featured Snippet). Here are 6 things that you can do to optimize to rank for the Featured snippet:

Find the right keyword

Finding the right keyword is the first step because snippets are not available for all keywords. One way to find out this is by doing a manual search and see whether the snippets are showing for the query. You can then select the exact keyword or similar keyword based on competition.

Another way to find the keyword is by using ahrefs tool. Go to Ahrefs site explorer and under the organic search, there is an option to filter by Featured Snippets.

Headings and lists

Headings are critical for List snippets. Heading tags like h2, h3 can be used in the content. Google will take this data and output as a list.

Usage of list tags(ul and ol) also increases the chance to show up on the snippet section.

Question-based queries

Most of the question-based queries have high chance to have a featured snippet. The queries which have keyword – How, Who, What etc. are more likely to show up. Don’t forget to include these question-based keywords on the page title and H1 tags.

Always Conclude

Concluding the content is an easy and tricky way which tells Google about your content. It will help Google and reader to remind about the article/content. Google will collect the entire content in the page and if it founds a relevant conclusion, it is a plus and increases your chance to list your page as a featured snippet.

Clear answer

Every one loves articles which are straight forward, and Google also. Be concise and make it clear. Do not change the topic, Stick with the topic that you are trying targetting.

Analyze competitor

Finally, analyzing your competitor is another best way to steal your competitor’s snippet. If you try other optimization and still won’t work, this will help you. Take a look at the writing style, the format that they use and try to mimic with your awesome unique content. Also, Analyzing the pages which already have snippet will helps you to rank for similar keywords.

Conclusion: Google featured snippets queries are increasing day by day. This is a very good opportunity to with good CTR and to drive more traffic. You can rank for Featured snippet even if you are in 10th position. So make sure to optimize your content to get listed on Google featured snippet.