Digital Marketing Services

We measure our success in terms of your growth.

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Here are 3 reasons why you are here:

  • You were searching for a digital marketing agency for your firm, and that led you here.
  • Someone suggested you that Komodo Innovations is a great choice for your firm’s digital marketing needs.
  • You went on a random google search expedition that started off searching about doing nail polish on horses and somehow after 3 hrs and 45 mins later, you ended up here (We know. Sometimes search queries can get pretty weird).

Anyways, you are here. That’s the most important part. Since we are a digital marketing agency based in Kochi, we’ll talk about online marketing and building a valued online presence for your brand.

Digital marketing strategy is what decides the game these days. Every brand has one, and each is as unique as the brands themselves. So before you begin scaling, it’s crucial to have a digital marketing strategy for your firm to make sure that your brand-voice and marketing presence are aligned well to represent you in front of the world.

Fortunately, we at Komodo Innovations has thought of this long and thorough. We help brands find a digital marketing strategy that’s right for them and help to ideally finetune their digital persona so as to nurture growth.

What makes Komodo Innovations the best in digital marketing

We have done our research well. We know what it takes to be a successful digital marketing service provider. If you’re curious to know, the most crucial elements are innovating consistently and never falling behind on what our clients expect from us.

Kochi digital marketing - Social media

The world has gotten quite noisy. It’s harder now for new brands and scaling firms to make their voice heard in today’s attention-driven market. So we have mastered the art of capturing your audience’s attention by offering classy and unique brand voices that’d really resonate with them. We make use of all the popular channels and opportunities wisely to give your brand the best-in-class digital marketing service.

Why should you hire us

To put it plainly, we provide the best digital marketing services in Kochi, Kerala.

But apart from that, Komodo Innovations offer complete clarity and transparency for our clients. So you can be as involved in execution as you’d like. Our expert team can take care of all the footwork, while you can easily overview the whole process. We are always available to assist you with your every need. Our experienced and talented team can help you achieve your brand goals smoothly. We believe in a result-driven digital marketing tradition where your growth is the only thing that matters.

Here’s how do we make use of digital marketing to give your brand an unprecedented growth

Here at Komodo Innovations, we begin by identifying your core audience and planning out the strategy that best fits your firm’s needs and requirements. We then move on to building the strategy based on your strengths so that it’ll be easier for people to find you amongst all the noise. We execute each step very carefully to make sure that the chances of conversion are higher.

Our services do not end at making people reach your website either. We also specialize in building engagement for your audience so that they will be the next level evangelists of your brand.

Since there are a number of ways anyone could channel digital marketing efforts, we’ve assembled an expert team to cater all mediums equally. This way, there are unlimited opportunities farther reach for your brand.

Our Digital marketing service includes:

    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

      Efficient and effective SEO to make it easier for your audience to find you. Rank higher in search results and be there when your audience needs you.

    • Social media marketing

      Engage with your audience through all the popular social media channels. Share your story and build a connection that makes you their favorite brand.

    • Content Marketing

      Publish relevant content and offer value to your audience through regular and branded content generation. If you could help your audience and offer value to them, they’ll return the favor by making the right choice that you wanted.

    • Data analysis and insights

      Gather insights from our detailed analytics data to make informed decisions for your brand. Know who your audiences are and learn about their behavior.

PPC – Paid ads on popular platforms

Paid ads only help you to find people who are already actively seeking out your services. So make sure that your brand is at the right place at the right time to make a difference.

  • Web design to optimize audience engagement

    We also offer website development services to make sure that the whole process is hassle-free for you. We assure minimum fuss and maximum results.


We are not new to this. We have been the pioneers of digital marketing for quite some time now, and we do have a respectable client base to show it. If you would like to know how Komodo Innovations was able to transform audience interaction to nurture growth in firms like that of your through digital marketing, head over to our portfolio section and see for yourself.